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Evolv Defy VTR Climbing Shoe

Evolv Defy VTR Climbing Shoe

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Evolv's best selling men's model just got an upgrade. The Defy VTR appeals to new and advanced climbers alike as a comfortable, great-fitting shoe that performs exceptionally well.

Evolv Defy VTR Climbing Shoe Features:

  • Very comfortable, bedroom slipper feel and design
  • Soft midsole enables good smearing and sensitivity
  • Asymmetric toe profile allows good performance even for new climbers
  • Medium perforated upper for added breathability
  • Molded logo on heel rand
  • VTR3D rand system
  • PROFILE: Asymmetrical toe profile (KA-1 last)
  • SOLE: 4.2mm TRAX XT-5 high friction rubber
  • RAND: 2.2mm TRAX duro-rand
  • UPPER: Elastic Synthratek synthetic upper
  • LINING: Nylon lining
  • MIDSOLE: MX-P: 1mm half-length midsole
  • Style number DEFY (VTR)