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Metolius BRD with Element Belay Locking Carabiner

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Metolius BRD with Element Belay Locking Carabiner

The BRD is both versatile (single or double ropes) and lightweight. The Element Screwgate biner is perfect for the BRD, munter hitch and other belay devices. The ergonomic horn of the BRD gives enhanced control while lowering and rappelling. It is easy to operate, has a high strength-to-weight ratio and doesn't kink ropes. With its enormous stopping power and slower, more controlled rappel, BRD is an extremely safe plate-style device.

Metolius BRD with Element Belay Locking Carabiner Features:

  • A versatile, lightweight belay/rappel device w/engineered rope slots which means added control via increased friction on the rope
  • Single or double rope compatible (8 mm to 11 mm ropes). Increased thermal mass and cooling fins to dissipate heat
  • BRD is hard anodized for longer wear and CNC machined from 6061 T-6 aluminum
  • Element is a workhorse belay biner that has a compact, pear-shaped design. Strength of 23 kN
  • Weight: BRD - 2.9 oz / 82g; Element - 2.5 oz / 73g
  • Style number BRDS002