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Petzl Luna Rock Climbing Harness - Women's

Petzl Luna Rock Climbing Harness - Women's

This product is not available.

The women's version of the ADJAMA, with fit and comfort characteristics specifically designed for a woman's physique

Petzl Luna Rock Climbing Harness Features:

  • The shape of the waist belt is designed to fit a woman's waist and lower back. The rise has been increased. The waist-to-leg loop-size ratio has been reduced.
  • Frame Construction with breathable monofilament mesh evenly distributes pressure, providing maximum support and comfort.
  • Adjustable leg loops allow size to be adjusted depending on comfort desired or layers of clothing worn and permit the harness to be put on when wearing skis or crampons.
  • DoubleBack buckles are pre-threaded and adjust quickly with a single pull, helping to ensure proper closure.
  • Green belay loop helps users identify proper tie-in / attachment point.
  • Reinforced tie-in points for increased durability in this high-wear area.
  • Rigid, inclined front gear loops for easy access to gear; flexible rear loops stay out of the way while wearing a pack.
  • Trail line loop.
  • Two CARITOOL slots.
  • Detachable elastic leg loop straps.
  • Style number C35