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Polar RS100 HRM Watch

Polar RS100 HRM Watch

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If running is what you do to stay in shape; the RS100 will give you valuable feedback that can help improve your fitness or lose those last few pounds. It combines all the heart rate features you need with the stopwatch you re used to. Features: Track your average heart rate and time for each lap; so you can integrate heart rate easily into your fitness running program. The Lap Time feature of the RS100 running heart monitor not only provides your lap time; but also your split time; heart rate and average lap heart rate. It also automatically identifies your best lap time. With the Polar OwnCode feature on Polar RS100 heart monitors; you will prevent cross-talk from other heart rate monitors worn by other runners. Whether you are running to lose weight and get in shape or a weight conscious runner as all of us are; the Polar RS 100 OwnCal feature will count and display your calorie expenditure. Finally; if you are new to running or fitness or an accomplished runner who wants technical guidance on the right zone to work out in; the Polar OwnZone feature on the Polar RS100 heart rate monitor determines your individual exercise zone. It guides you through an appropriate warm-up routine and automatically determines a safe and effective exercise heart rate zone - your OwnZone - while taking into account your current physical condition.

Style number 90030907