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Powerbar Gel (Double Latte)

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Powerbar Gel (Double Latte)


Latte Tangerine

Refuel with POWERBAR Gel, featuring POWERBAR C2 MAX-optimized carbohydrate blend formulated with the same ratio of carb sources shown to increase endurance performance by an average of 8% in 8 trained athletes compared to glucose alone. During strenuous exercise the body burns carbs and loses key electrolytes through sweat. POWERBAR GEL replenishes and restores those nutrients to help maintain peak performance. For best results, consume one POWERBAR GEL with 16 fl oz. of water every 20-45 minutes during activity.

Powerbar Gel Features:

  • POWERBAR C2 MAX dual source energy blend.
  • Speeds more energy to muscles.
  • All the electrolytes of a sport drink.
  • 4X the sodium of leading competitors
  • Style number 13167

Nutrition Facts:

  • Serving size 1 pkCalories 110
  • Calories from fat 0
  • Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
  • Amount/Serving %DV
  • Total Fat 0g 0%
  • Sodium 200mg 8%
  • Potassium 20mg 1%
  • Total Carb 27g 9%
  • Sugars 10g 
  • Protein 0g