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Yakima Q Tower Pair (2/pack)

Yakima Q Tower Pair (2/pack)

This product is not available.

If you only need two towers (e.g. you're outfitting a truck cab with a rooftop car rack system) this is the option for you. The "Q" in "Q TOWERS" stands for Quadruple Movement. That means the tower and clip move in four different ways, so they'll fit your vehicle like a custom-tailored tuxedo.

Yakima Q Tower Pair Features:

  • Die-cast interior for solid, sturdy anchor
  • Each tower's ball-and-socket mechanism adjusts to all contours of your vehicle
  • Add vehicle-specific Q-Clips (00601-00730) to ensure a custom fit to your doorframe
  • Upgraded for easier and faster rooftop car rack system installation
  • Style number 8000135