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Product Description

Product Description


You have heard that story from you buddy and seen the scars. Make sure you have to stories with out the scars. Nobody really wants to wear kneepads, but when you need them you really need them. While knee pads can literally save your hide, they're usually not super fun to wear. The folks at Troy Lee Designs realize that, and that's why they designed the Raid Knee Guards to be as comfortable and easy as possible. With the Raid Guards, protecting your body doesn't have to be a chore.
The Raid Guards are built anatomically, so they move with your knees rather than struggling against them. And since TLD made the backs of the guards out of mesh, you've got nothing hindering your pedaling. That mesh also lends these guards some much appreciated breathability, which is a feature often ignored in heavy duty cycling protection. A combination of Fit-Band compression straps and sticky silicone grip means that the Raid Guards won't budge a bit in the heat of the ride.
Sure, they're comfy, but will these guards be able to stand up to a nasty spill? You'd better believe it! The knee padding itself is made of a high tech D3O compound, which was developed specifically to absorb some serious shock—the military even uses this stuff in its helmets and body armor. Bonus padding along the sides of the guards gives you an extra layer of protection, because you can never be too safe.A lot of riders see padding as a cop-out, but really it's the exact opposite. When your body is protected, you can go as hard as possible without worrying about breaking a bone halfway through a 20 mile adventure. Slide on the TLD Raid Knee Guards and don't hold back.


  • TLD engineered D3O kneecaps
  • Extra side pads
  • Flex gusset
  • Mesh back panel
  • PU Fit-Lock calf band
  • Seamless paneling
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Breathable, wicking liner
  • Made in China


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