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Petzl Dual Connect Adjust Lanyard

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Product Description

Product Description

RUN YOUR ROUTE SMOOTHLY with the Petzl Dual Connect Adjust Lanyard.

Get in the groove of your climbing routine with the Petzl Dual Connect Adjust Lanyard. Built with extra durability and some neat technical features, this lanyard is designed to reduce the force you feel on a short fall. A rubber ring holds the connector in position so you can focus on clipping. An adjustable arm brings you closer or farther as you go. However you end up using this lanyard, know that it will make your routes extra fun.


  • Double positioning lanyard with one fixed arm and one adjustable arm
  • Moving along a fixed line: ability to have the fixed arm and adjustable arm of the same length to facilitate progression
  • The ADJUST rope adjuster's ergonomic shape offers quick, precise adjustment
  • The connector held in position by a rubber ring, to facilitate clipping
  • Dynamic rope lanyard to reduce the force transmitted to the user in case of a short fall
  • Used with two locking carabiners
  • Attaches to the tie-in point(s) of the harness with a girth hitch


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