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Petzl Luna Harness - Women's

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Engineered with contoured, padded leg loops and waistbelt, the Petzl Luna climbing harness easily adapts to a wide range of women's body types to comfort and support without impeding movement.


  • With 5 gear loops and an accessories loop, you'll be able to carry more equipment comfortably for technical mountaineering, trad climbing and multi-pitch climbing
  • ENDOFRAME construction uses lightweight webbing to reduce pressure points in the leg loops and waistbelt, which helps to evenly distribute weight and maximize comfort
  • Soft, breathable mesh fabric lines the harness for better comfort on the skin and hot days on the wall
  • Contoured waistbelt made from soft, flexible materials follows the natural lines of the body for improved support in the back and hips, and enhanced freedom of movement
  • Women's-specific fit features a longer rise to sit higher on the waist, smaller waist-to-leg ratio, and a specifically angled waist belt that favors curved hips
  • DoubleBack buckles easily adjust and center on the harness; DoubleBack buckles maintain the correct double-back configuration as they're adjusted
  • 2 rigid, large front gear loops make it easy to clip and unclip with your equipment still attached
  • 2 flexible, low-profile gear loops in the rear are angled forward to keep your gear in sight but out of the way of your backpack
  • 1 large gear loop in the rear can accommodate belay equipment, shoes and more
  • Small center rear loop accommodates climbing accessories like a tag line or a chalk bag and is compatible with Caritool Evo (not included) for transporting ice tools


  • Best Use: Climbing
  • Fits Waist - XS: 25.6-28 inches, S: 28-30 inches, M: 30-33 inches, L: 33-36 inches
  • Padded Waist: Yes
  • Gear Loops: 5 Loops
  • Belay Loop: Yes
  • Leg Loop Size - XS: 18.1-22 inches, S: 20-24 inches, M: 21-25 inches, L: 22-26 inches
  • Padded Leg Loops: Yes
  • Adjustable Leg Loops: Yes
  • Droppable Leg Loops: Yes
  • Weight - XS: 440 grams, S: 470 grams, M: 495 grams, L: 525 grams


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