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ESP Family Fun Toboggan - 66"

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Whether you're planning a hunting trek or just a fun snow day, the Family Fun Toboggan Snow Sled by ESP is the perfect sled! Molded in tracking rails create perfectly straight tracks on snow. This multipurpose sled can also fit up to 4 children or 2 adults for a fun sledding experience! The deceptively simple design is great at deflecting snow. The edges are rolled over so as snow tries to ride up, it's channeled back down, keeping supplies or riders dry and happy. Crafted from premium materials in the USA, this sled is the perfect addition to blast down a hill with the kids or haul your equipment. You can use this multipurpose sled to carry large, heavy supplies while effortlessly blending in with the beauty of nature. This enormous sled can fit all of your outdoor supplies and materials with its 66" long frame. The sleek style also makes it great for outdoor activities, perfect for your next snow-capade! This sled perfectly pairs with ESP's line of premium sports products. Experience the ultimate fun and convenience in style with this Family Fun Toboggan Snow Sled by ESP!


  • HUGE SLED FOR EVERYONE: At 66 inches long, this toboggan is a great sled to fit several kids and adults together.
  • MOLDED IN TRACKING RAILS: Crafted from premium quality materials in the USA, this sled has delicately molded in tracking rails to create a perfectly straight ride through the snow
  • MULTIPURPOSE SLED: This ultimate sled can be used as the perfect addition for carrying your tools and equipment without having to lift them. It can also be used for fun snow sledding and activities with your friends or family
  • SNOW DEFLECTING DESIGN: The deceptively simple design features a folded edge that prevents snow from flinging up into the sled and keeps riders or supplies dry as it moves
  • BRIGHT COLORING: Easy to spot from a distance against white snow, this shovel stands out and won't get lost.


  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
  • 65.88 x 18.88 x 5.75 Inches


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