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MSR Trail Base Gravity Filter System

ID: 385697

Product Description


MSR's Trail Base Gravity Filter System doubles between long-haul backpacking trips and fast-and-light trail runs when frequent water sources don't require you to carry a whole lot of water. When you're backpacking, set the reservoirs up as a gravity-fed purification system by placing the full dirty water reservoir above the clean water reservoir and letting the hollow fiber filter and gravity do the rest. When you just need a quick 20 ounces to get you through your hike or trail run, simply place the hose in a water source and pump the filter into your water bottle to quickly filter out bacteria, protozoa, and particulates.


  • Versatile water filtration system for hiking or backpacking
  • Can be utilized as a pump-action filter or gravity-fed system
  • Includes hollow core water filter that is field maintainable
  • Eliminates protozoa, bacteria, and particulate matter


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