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Platypus Quickdraw Microfilter

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Warning: California Proposition 65



The QuickDraw microfilter is a simple and effective way to reinvent the outdoor filtration system. With its dual internal and external threaded design, the QuickDraw filter cartridge easily fits smart water bottles, most Platypus bottles and tanks, and many popular water and soft drink bottles, allowing you to develop your own ideal custom system .


  • Ultralight and compact: the filter weighs only 61 g (2.2 oz) and can be made small for storage, allowing you to keep it on hand for quick access.
  • Build your own system: Dual internal and external threads allow the filter cartridge to attach directly to QuickDraw reservoirs, smartwater bottles, Platy Hoser reservoirs, most Platy bottles and select 28mm neck polyethylene water and soft drink bottles.
  • Ultra-fast flow rates: the hollow fibre cartridge filters up to 3 litres per minute under normal pressure.
  • Easy and efficient cleaning: Shake or backwash rinses allow for quick and easy filter cleaning - in the field and anywhere - so you can enjoy fast filtration during and after your trip.
  • Rugged, well-thought-out design: The clean water outlet cap is secure. It opens with a simple flip and ensures a tight seal when closed. The filter housing is soft to the touch and does not slip in the hand, even when wet, without picking up all the dirt from the floor.
  • Hollow fiber advantage: Hundreds of tiny hollow fibers allow the microfilter to filter water faster than traditional filter materials.
  • Effective: Each microfilter meets all EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) and NSF (US National Science Foundation) standards for the removal of 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.9% of protozoa*.


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