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Airhead Sportsstuff Snowball Launcher

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One Size
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Product Description



Take snowball fights to the next level with one of these super fun snowball makers or launchers.

This bright orange snowball maker. This toy makes perfect snowballs in a round, dense shape that makes tossing easy. What else is there to love about this kid's snow toy? It's specifically designed to make a large number of snowballs in a short amount of time. 

The Snowball cannon can launch a snowball farther than you can throw! Includes a snowball maker on top so you can keep your cannon loaded with perfect snowballs.

The Mega-Slingshot is great for a 3 person team to see just how far they can send some snowballs!

The Blue scoop launcher is great for quickly scooping up and throwing already made snowballs, or scoop loose snow and pack it into a ball before launching!

The Toot'n'toss can pick up snowballs from the ground and launch them without needing to bend over and pick up snow!


  • Great for high output snowball making
  • Comfortable handles
  • Durable molded construction


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