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BootDoc Comfort Insole - Low Arch

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There are four different analysis devices to choose from that determine the foot type, length, width and other data connected to athletes’ feet. From the technologically advanced Scan Station to the easy to use Feet View, Bootdoc offers the following devices for foot type analysis: Scan Station, Podoscope, Feet View, Measuring Gauge Brannock (length and width measurement)
Once the foot type has been determined, it is easy to find the right insole and suitable Power Fit Socks and foam liners. Choose the product that is going to meet the athletes’ requirements for their sport or activity, whether it’s skiing, snowboarding, hiking or running, and so on. Once the specific BOOTDOC products have been selected, they can then be customized to the individual customer.
Regardless of whether they’re Step-In, 3-Arch or 3D, all BD insoles are thermally adaptable and can be fitted precisely to the foot of an athlete through heating.


  • The top 3-Arch Concept model with full-shell technology and dampening element.
  • Shape in Mid Arch based on POWER
  • A large forefoot dampening element
  • Anatomic dampening in the heel
  • Dampening in the area of the 5th metatarsal
  • Flexzones in arch
  • Improved heel cup
  • Perfect visibility of arch type colour system

Low Arch

  • The arch is incapable of cushioning, thus reducing the spring in the customers step or running motaion. Displacement of the bones involved (e.g., buckling of the ankle bone, heel bone) can cause strain on tendons and ligaments. This leads to static imbalance and pain. The LOW Arch insole helps to prevent overpronation.

Mid Arch

  • The layout of the bones, tendons and ligaments refl ects the theoretical norm. The pressure below the foot is distributed over the 3 main support points: heel (20 %), big toe base joint (17 %), small toe base joint (13 %). A MID Arch insole off ers optimum pressure distribution for this
  • type of foot, while stabilizing and cushioning.

High Arch

  • The long-arch is too high, thus reducing the contact surface. High medial and lateral arches are typically caused by shortening of the tendon structure or high muscle tension. These changes of the foot shape cause friction and pressure points when wearing shoes. A stressed tendon structure is oft en found throughout the body in this case. A HIGH Arch insole ensures comfortable, even pressure distribution for this foot type.


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