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Delta Big 8 Archery Target - 16"

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Delta's new Big-8 target is the first poured-foam target to utilize an 8-sided "asymmetric hexagon" design. Available in two best-in-class 16" and 20" wide sizes, Big 8 provides a larger shooting area versus conventional square target designs.

The Big-8 utilizes a new premium competition-grade "self-healing" foam, developed in conjunction with the ASA Pro 3D competition circuit. This innovative foam withstands heavy tournament use, lasting up to 8X longer life, while maintaining while maintaining a low pull force for easy arrow extraction.

The Big-8 is both field point and broadhead compatible and is speed rated for all high-performance bows and crossbows. True to its name, Big-8 features: eight shooting faces, with plenty of green and white shooting spots to ensure easy target acquisition regardless of pin color.


  • Innovative Asymmetric Hexagon Shape with 8 shootable sides
  • High-density urethane-foam construction - Lasts 8X longer vs. conventional layered targets
  • Easy-to-pull - Specially formulated for easy-arrow removal
  • Broadhead Approved - Works with field points, fixed, and mechanical broadheads
  • Molded-in side carry handles - Better than unreliable rope handles that rot and pull out
  • Two-tone high-visibility green and white target spots
  • Painted-on sight-in face
  • For use with all vertical bows and crossbows


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