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ION Alpha Poly Ice Auger

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Product Description



The Alpha Series marks the 3rd generation of ION electric ice augers, re-imagined from the ground up to re-define high-performance yet again. The 10-inch ION Alpha Plus utilizes a specially designed Turbo high-speed cutting system, providing a smooth and efficient cut through up to 1200 inches of ice on a single charge. It boasts a category-leading cutting speed of 2.2 inches of ice per second, which is actually faster than most competitor 8-inch models. Speed, power, longevity, and with a polymer bit—it’s all under 17 lbs. The goal of Project Alpha was to design the lightest, smoothest, fastest, and most efficient 40V augers on the market, and with the data to prove it we say, “mission accomplished."


  • WEIGHS UNDER 22 LB – Maximized power and minimized weight, the ION Alpha is the lightest 40V series of augers in the world—as much as 40% lighter than the competition.
  • BEST-IN-CLASS CUTTING SPEED – Delivers an average cutting speed up to 2.2 IPS (inches per second) based on over 10,000 test holes in varying ice conditions.
  • BEST-IN-CLASS 40V PERFORMANCE – The Alpha Series offers the best power-to-weight ratio of any electric auger ever made.
  • TURBO HIGH-SPEED CUTTING SYSTEM – An aggressive new cutting system that smoothly and efficiently bores through the ice to open new holes, or re-drill old holes with minimal resistance
  • UP TO 1200 INCHES PER CHARGE – Includes (1) 4Ah ION Gen 3 battery, powering the 10" Alpha Plus through up to 1200 inches of ice per charge.
  • 3-YEAR WARRANTY – Reliable performance, and backed by a category-best warranty that covers the entire unit—including the battery.


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