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Marker Alpinist 12 Ski Binding

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Color: Black
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Product Description



The Marker Alpinist 12 Binding w/o Brakes is extremely similar to the Marker Alpinist 10 Binding w/o Brakes, but has a higher lateral release setting than its twin brother. This means that it's designed and produced for heavier or more aggressive skiers out there, who need a binding that won't pre-release due to their heavier weight or more powerful skiing techniques. With all of the same identical features (other than the lateral release settings), you get a very stiff ISI toe makes the binding easier to step in to, as a wide foot print with integrated stop automatic positions and lines up your boot. Kinematically optimized pin levers allow the toe pins to snap shut with just a gentle push. The heel features 3 climbing bar options for flat approaches, moderate climbs and steep ascents. Despite its ultra-light weight construction, it allows active length compensation without affecting the skis flex. That means you get tremendous feedback from your boots, to the binding to the ski for effortless control and power. For competent skiers looking to push far into the back country and beyond, the Marker Alpinist 12 Binding w/o Brakes will take you there faster and more efficiently than you ever dreamed possible.  


  • Weight: 245 grams
  • Lateral Release: Adjustable 6-12 Non-ISO
  • Vertical release: Medium Setting (Low and High are available but are sold separately)
  • Toe: ISI Toe
  • Heel: Alpinist Heel
  • Climbing Aids: 0, 5 & 9 degrees
  • Tech Toe Boots Compatibility Only
  • Brake Width: 90, 105 &115 mm (brakes sold separately)


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