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Nordic Track Select-A-Weight Dumbbell

110 lb
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Experience a Full Body Workout: Enjoy total-body strength training in the comfort of your own home with the NordicTrack Select-a-Weight Dumbbells. With a max weight of 55-pounds each, these versatile dumbbells can replace 30 weights in one compact, easy-to-use set. Easily choose between 10 and 55 pounds with a smooth weight selection system, and enjoy convenient storage in custom-molded trays that are clearly marked with weight identification. Discover iFit Workouts: Download the iFit app and start your free trial to stream on-demand video workouts directly to your own tablet or smartphone. With iFit, professional trainers will coach you through a variety of strength-building workouts on your time, in your home. Replace 30 Dumbbells: Each Select-a-Weight dumbbell features 15 weight selections, so you can move in 5-pound and 2.5-pound increments from 10 to 55 pounds. Replace an entire rack of dumbbells with these compact adjustable weights. Smooth Weight Selection System: Adjust your dumbbells in 2.5 or 5-pound increments to dial in the best weight for a variety of strength-building exercises in the comfort of your own home gym - simply lift and push the Select-a-Weight tab to easily modify your dumbbell. Fitted Storage Trays Included: When not in use, your NordicTrack adjustable dumbbells can be securely stored in custom-molded trays that are clearly marked with weight identification.


  • Replace 30 Dumbbells; With 15 weight increments per dumbbell, this compact adjustable dumbbell set delivers the same value as 30 individual dumbbells in a fraction of the space
  • Included are 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 22.5, 25, 30, 32.5, 35, 40, 42.5, 45, 50, 52.5, and 55 Lb. weight increments.
  • 30-Day iFIT Trial Included
  • 10 lb Hande Bars
  • Smooth Weight Selection System
  • Included Storage Tray


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