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Sabre SMART Pepper Spray

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The new SMART Pepper Spray is built with everyone's safety in mind.

The smart device can be paired with the SABRE Personal Safety App, with GPS tracking and 3rd party monitoring.

The app is designed to send alerts to assigned contacts by push notification. The alert will include the user’s location at the time the pepper spray deploys or the in-app alert button is pressed. A geotracking feature continues to monitor the user's location following the initial help alert. The app includes a paid subscription option, which will also send an alert to local police with the user’s location through Noonlight, a 3rd party monitoring service, who can call first responders on the user’s behalf.


    #1 Pepper Spray Brand Trusted By Police And Consumers Worldwide:

    • Including New York PD, Chicago PD and U.S. Marshals; RELIABLE & LONG-LASTING: 4-year shelf life (2X the industry standard) for the best self-protection available; Made in the USA

    Guaranteed Maximum Strength:

    • SABRE's professional-grade OC Spray is backed by our in-house HPLC lab testing, guaranteeing maximum heat and stopping power in every burst and eliminating the 30% failure rate experienced with other brands (U of Utah study)

    Pairs with Free SABRE Personal Safety App:

    • Pair via Bluetooth to alert your selected contacts when deployed and pinpoint your location with real-time geotracking, no monthly fee or subscription required (premium Noonlight monitoring and subscription available); the app provides an extra layer of assurance with push notifications alerting you if your SMART Pepper Spray is out of range (30-foot (9 m) Bluetooth range)

    Carry with Confidence and be Prepared:

    • Includes a SABRE RED pepper spray 1/2 oz canister, with 25 bursts for protection against multiple threats, a key ring for easy accessibility, an inert canister for practice, and links to free training videos to help build familiarity and confidence

    Easy to Refill and Rechargeable:

    • The unit is refillable with quick replaceable canisters ensuring fresh, potent protection when you need it; Includes a USB charging cable to help keep your device ready when you need it


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